On this page we record the various other activities the project has been involved in, in addition to our major productions and educational work. In many cases we have only limited information about these events; better information is always gratefully received:

Shelby The Conspiracy (The Cutler’s Play)
http://servuclean.com/services/window-cleaning/ Sunday 7th July and Sunday 14th July 2002


Pilate                                        Michael Ireton
Judas                                        Jamie Searle
Caiaphas                                  Hugh Bernays
Annas                                       Chris Rawson
Porter                                       Sheila Shouksmith
1st Clerk                                   Rachael Johnson
2nd Clerk                                  Lee Maloney
1st Soldier                                 Frank Brogan
2nd Soldier                                Alan Lyons

Director                                    David Wilde

Caesar in Eboracum
York Roman Festival July 2003. Outside The Roman Bath, St Sampson’s Square

Director                        Paul Toy
Writer                          Richard Stell

The Passionate Pilgrim – an evening of music, sonnets and readings
26th September 2003, Bedern Hall

Singers             Kit, Lindsay, Paul, Tom, John, Jude, Beverley

Director                        Paul Toy
Musical Director           Jude Brereton

Roman Readings at York Eboracum Annual Roman Spectacular
24th and 25th July 2004, Hospitium, Museum Gardens

Narrator                       Richard Stell
Titus                             Lee Maloney, Alan Lyons

Arranged by Richard Stell

Shakespeare and the White Rose, York Tudor Festival
4th and 5th June 2005, Barley Hall courtyard or Great Hall

Pieces from Henry VI and Richard III, organised by Alan Lyons

ASDA You Like It or the York Shakespeare Marathon
20th to 24th September 2005, ?Asda Monks Cross

A sponsored reading of the Complete Plays

Henry VIII abridged
York Minster

Feat: Mark Smith, Hugh Allison, Sally Mitcham, Harold Mozley

Directed by Jeremy Muldowney

Minster Nights
30th August 2009, York Minster

Macbeth Extract:  Jeremy Muldowney and Krystal Evans
Merchant of Venice:  Ged Murray as Shylock
Sonnets:  Jamie Searle and Jennifer Aitken

Venus and Adonis (a rehearsed reading)
25th April 2012, The Studio, Pocklington Arts Centre

Adonis                                     Andy Curry
Venus                                       Gemma Sharp

Lutenist                                    Niki Andronikou
Projected Images                      Paul Hepworth

Adapted and Directed by          Julia Atkinson

A Shakespearean Celebration: sonnets, scenes, supper and sketches
25th April 2014, Bedern Hall


Helen Wilson
Andy Crisp
Ruth Ford
Emma Dubruel
Karen Millar
Ben Sawyer
Mick Liversidge
Bill Laverick

Directed by Helen Wilson

Shakespeare in Love
14th February 2017, St Denys Church Walmgate

An evening of love poetry and song, with:

Alexandra Claire Darlinton
Angie Lee Millard
Cindy Harley Campbell
Elizabeth Ellsworth
James Phillips
Paul French
Rory Oliver

Emma Summers