Sunday April 23, 2:30pm & 6:00pm, Monday April 24, 6:00pm (3 performances)

Friargate Theatre, York

A woman left in the dark as her rapist leaves. To whom should she complain?

York Shakespeare Project presents LUCRECE , a semi-staged adaption of Shakespeare’s vivid narrative poem ‘The Rape of Lucrece’, an early work by the then young poet.  Reworking the classical history of ‘chaste Lucrece’, his storytelling brings to life the people and actions of this traumatic tale with emotionally arresting and thrilling verse.  In its power, observation and sheer humanity the writing anticipates the great playwright Shakespeare was to become.

Actions have consequences and there will be more repercussions than could ever have been anticipated.

“My tongue shall utter all

For me, I am the mistress of my fate”

She speaks to our world.  Will you listen?