Our production of Macbeth took place at Theatre@41 from Tuesday 26th – Saturday 30th October 2021.

Click here to read a review of the production by Charles Hutchinson


Directed by Leo Doulton, the cast was:

Macbeth – Emma Scott

Lady – Nell Frampton

Banquo, Siward – Clive Lyons

Fleance, Donalbain, Son, Young Siward – Meredith Stewart

Macduff – Frank Brogan

Lady Macduff, Duncan, Menteith – Elizabeth Elsworth

Malcolm – Rhiannon Griffiths

Lennox – Andrea Mitchell

Ross – Tony Froud

Angus – Sarah-Jane Strong

First Witch, First Murderer, Doctor – Joy Warner

Second Witch, Second Murderer, Gentlewoman – Diana Wyatt

Third Witch, Third Murderer, Caithness, Seyton – Xandra Logan


Charley Ipsen – Designer

Neil Wood – Lighting Designer

Jim Paterson – Sound Designer

Ian Frampton – Technical Operator