The Tempest

Performed at venues across North and East Yorkshire in September/October 2022 prior to a final performance at York Theatre Royal, our staging of Shakespeare’s powerful last play brought our original two-decade mission of performing all of his plays to an end.


Caliban – Andrew Isherwood
Boatswain – Harry Summers
Alonso – Tony Froud
Antonia – Andrew Mitchell
Gonzala – Lara Stafford
Sebastian – Stuart Lindsay
Miranda – Effie Warboys
Prospero – Paul French
Ferdinand – Jacob Ward
Trincula – Jodie Fletcher
Stefano – Tom Jennings

The Ariel Collective

Emily Hansen
Nick Jones (also musician)
Emma Scott (Ariel Captain and Ceres in the Masque)
Julie Speedie
Eleanor Royse (also musician)
Sonia Di Lorenzo (also musician)
Sally Maybridge (also musician)
Michael Maybridge (also musician)
Nell Frampton (Iris in the Masque)
Sally Mitcham
Judith Ireland
David Denbigh (also musician)
Tracy Rea (Juno in the Masque)
Harold Mozley
David Harrison
Tim Olive-Besly
Megan Ollerhead (also musician)
Bronte Hobson (Ariel Captain)

Creative Team

Director and co-Composer – Philip Parr
Associate Director – Terry Ram
YSP Producer – Jim Paterson
Composer and Musical Director – Nick Jones
Head of Wardrobe – Judith Ireland
Lighting Designer – Ian Frampton
Tour Manager – Anna Park
Stagecloth design and painting, and construction – Richard Hampton
Resident artist – Lynne O’Dowd
Production Photographer – John Saunders

Thanks to …

Ariel costumes by Blacksmith Shop Crafts, Foggathorpe and by cast members

Seamstresses led by Anna Airaksinen: Julie Wood, Joanne Stock, Terri Martin, Lou Ling, Denise Shingler, Terry Ram, Caroline Scott, Rosa Di Lorenzo

Pauline Rourke & Claire Spooner at York Theatre Royal Costume Hire

Caliban’s Garden: Steve Gore, Sheila Stone

Floorcloth Painters: Livy Potter, Frankie Hayes, Sindy Allen, Sam Elmer

And: Sam Johnson, RADA, Jane Streeton, Parrabbola, Susy Hingley, Theatre@41, Angie Millard

Bob Lawrence and all at Southlands for their support during rehearsals

And everyone who has been part of the creative journey but hasn’t made it onto the stage.